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My love for jewelry design started many years ago when I would take several outdated pieces and make new jewelry out of it. This love of creating passed on to my daughters Karin and Elke who kept watching me and soon also started to make their own creations. Karin, who lives in Brazil, is now studying jewelry designing. Our specialty is custom designed jewelry that is unique from most. Creating original, one of a kind pieces both casual and elegant, became our obsession. Some of the work is done is silver, some in alpaca (a silver alloy very common in South America) and some beaded. In this site you will also find other types of casual jewelry designed by various artisans (from different Cities of Brazil) who I met during my trips to visit my family. Special attention is given to the wire wrapped Peruvian jewelry that in my opinion is very enchanting.

Two more items are in our inventory: The beautiful Brazilian Agate Chimes, which come in different shapes, colors and sizes. And last, but not least, my dear mother's Baby Jackets with matching "booties". All is handmade with love in Brazil. We have a few up here in the store for immediate delivery but we accept orders four to six weeks in advance. As you can see, we are a very artistic family, but nothing of this could be happening without the total support of my husband Joe.

Our hope is that you see something in our work that appeals to your fine sense of art and beauty, and that you too fall in love with the uniqueness of our creations! Enjoy your shopping.

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