Suzy, Just to let you know how special my collection of your jewelry is to me. Whether I am running away for a vacation, cruise, travel to Houston or just plain trying to escape hurricanes one of the first things into my luggage is my collection of ”your“ jewelry. From the first piece of jewelry (raw lapis) to my most recent acquisition (raw emerald) every piece makes you feel so tranquil. I cannot tell you how many times people have stopped and asked me where I got my jewelry, of course, I tell them how special each piece is because it is hand-crafted and each set is different. It has been both educational and fun to deal with you and I hope that we will continue to exchange stories , ideas and of course “ the most unique jewelry in the world.” for many years to come. Mary Reinecke ..... The first time I met Susy, I knew I would be doing lots of business with her. She has the most beautiful collection of natural stone jewelry I think I've ever seen for the price. The stones are from Brazil. I have many lovely, expensive jewelry pieces my husband has given me over the years, but I have never, ever gotten the immediate, heartfelt attention I've gotten with Susy's Stuff. I've handed out her cards far and wide as people have asked about her daughter's work, as far as Hawaii! If you want a superb piece of workmanship, jewelry that flatters you from every angle, give Suzy a try, you won't be disappointed! Roberta Bayless (Pasadena, Texas) .............. The jewelry is of the best hand made quality and no two pieces are a like as most jewelry is mass produced but not with Susy's Stuff. The best stones are picked and set in the best setting for the particular stone. I own numerous sets of her jewelry designs and always when they are worn in public there are numerous compliments on the set that I chose to wear for the particular occasion. I will recommend Susy's Stuff to any one that wants top Quality, Handmade, One of a Kind Jewelry pieces Mary Burke .....
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